Showing April 11th at the Hollywood Cinefest is Dead Man’s Bluff starring Matt Carmody and Sandra McCurdy. Purchase tickets at

In the seedy underbelly of 1950’s Los Angeles, Jim Carson is about to close the biggest deal of his career as a Realtor. His client is the notorious kingpin, Arden Price, who is looking for a warehouse to expand his unsavory operations. When Jim Carson meets Arden’s stunning and seductive wife, Aria, the attraction is instant, and he can’t resist mixing business with pleasure.Their subsequent, torrid affair comes to a screeching halt however when Aria gives Jim a dire ultimatum. Aria tells him that for their love to continue, they must conspire to get her husband out of the picture… permanently. Arden Price is no fool; his discovery of Jim and Aria’s true relationship is inevitable. And when he does find out that his new business associate has been making time with his wife… it won’t be pretty. Before Jim can blink, he’s dragged into a world of temptation, betrayal and murder. The lovers hatch a plan to dispense of the ruthless gangster. But as they soon find out, plans have a way of falling by the wayside.

– Written by Franklin Guerrero, Jr. & Doug Wirth