Photo of Nick Stabile as Dennis Wilson
Nick Stabile as Dennis Wilson

I first noticed Nick on the ABC-TV miniseries, The Beach Boys, An American Family. His portrayal of Dennis Wilson was amazing and a little spooky. He walked like Dennis, he talked like Dennis and he tossed his hair like Dennis. My teenage daughters noticed him, too. For the two evenings the show aired our home was filled with sighs and giggles.

I was introduced to Nick (online) by Jon Stebbins, the author of “Dennis Wilson, The Real Beach Boy”, after I’d mentioned to him how impressed I was with Nick’s performance. He had been the advisor for Nick on the show. I soon found myself exchanging emails with the actor. That was 12 years ago. We’ve remained close friends and I’ve maintained his Official Website since 2001. His was my first ‘actor’ website and I’ve learned so much from him over the years.

You may remember Nick as a “soap hunk” on Sunset Beach or the hero in Bride Of Chucky or Hallmark’s Santa Jr. He’s also had numerous TV guest starring roles.

Nick still amazes me with his passion for acting and his talent. Lately, he’s been wowing audiences with his performances in community theater. I wish I had film clips to show you. However, I did find some other old video clips with this slideshow in my archived files, and I will be adding a few of them to Nicks website in the near future. So keep checking in.

This is an old slideshow but I’m feeling rather nostalgic today.

You can also find Nick on Facebook. Drop in and say Hi. =)