Drew Powell in The Ponderosa
Drew Powell in The Ponderosa

I first saw Drew on PAX-TV’s The Ponderosa (a prequel to Bonanza) back in 2001. I was impressed to say the least. Not only did he fit the physical requirements of the iconic Hoss Cartwright but he had the warmth and humor that endeared the character to us when Dan Blocker filled the role. The show only lasted one season for reasons unrelated to the quality of the production.  Unfortunately, The Ponderosa became a memory and so did Drew.

Drew worked in films like Starship Troopers 2 and TV shows like Over There and CSI. However, it wasn’t until The Ponderosa began an encore run on TV (almost 5 years later) that my curiosity once again peaked about this actor.I Googled him and found little information on the net. What I did find were Ponderosa fans who had actively supported the show and Drew since day one. Through his fans, I learned more about the man as well as the actor. Being an amateur web designer, I decided that he needed a fan website so others could learn more about him, too.

This was only my second actor website, but I’d pulled everything I could find off the internet, purchased some photos and videos on Ebay and put up a 4 page website. I’d learned from other friends in the entertainment field how important the Internet was becoming in Hollywood and hoped my small contribution might help him in some way.

Drew proceeded to build his TV credits with guest roles on Monk, Cold Case, and Without a Trace. One day I received an email from him asking  if we could work together to make the site I’d created into his “Official” website. I think I giggled like the girl who’d just been asked by the school quarterback to help run his campaign for student body president. lol The answer was YES! That was in 2006.

My husband and I met Drew for the first time in 2007 at the stage production of Bedtime Stories in Los Angeles. He was as wonderful on stage as he was on the screen. We were greeted with bear hugs and thank yous.

Drew’s resume has continued to grow. From off broadway to Broadway, from independent films to major motion pictures, from guest roles to recurring starring roles on TV, he’s become one of the busiest character actors today. I believe who he is off the set has as much to do with it as his talent. You won’t find a more genuine person in Hollywood. I am honored to still be maintaining his website and even more so to be his friend.

(You can find a complete resume on Drew’s website www.drewpowell.com)

This Friday (9.16.11) you can meet Drew Powell in Straw Dogs, which opens in theaters throughout the US. Starring with Alexander Skarsgard, James Marsden, Kate Bosworth and James Woods, Drew still commands your attention in the film.  Then watch for him again on CW’s Ringer (9.27.11) and FX’s American Horror Story (10.3.11).

Drew also stars with Kurt Russell, Brian Presley, Melanie Lynsky and Christine Lahti in Touchback, coming soon to theaters everywhere.