The Ponderosa Cartwrights
The Cartwrights – Matt Carmody, Daniel Hugh Kelley, Jared Deparis and Drew Powell

The Ponderosa
Ten years ago this month a little know TV show on an independent network premiered. The Ponderosa was meant to be a prequel to the popular TV show, Bonanza. The main characters were the same, but it had little else in common with the original. It wasn’t even a “western”. It was a family show on a western set, filmed in Australia (which looked nothing like Lake Tahoe, Nevada). However, after meeting this version of the Cartwright family, you didn’t care about any of that.

Daniel Hugh Kelly as Ben Cartwright
Matt Carmody as Adam Cartwright
Drew Powell as Hoss Cartwright
Jared Daperis as Little Joe Cartwright


Unfortunately, for reasons unrelated to the quality of the show, it only lasted one season. In just 20 episodes it captured an enthusiastic fan base that continues to this day.