California Feeling
Now available on iTunes

“Stephen John Kalinich is a poet of grace and peace. He has enjoyed a rare association with Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson and The Beach Boys. His work with the group made its debut on the Friends album in 1968 (“Little Bird” and “Be Still”). Those songs marked the beginning of friendships, and a spiritual linkage and embodiment with The Beach Boys and their associates that endures to this day.

California Feeling, a new compilation dedicated to Kalinich’s career-spanning prose, has just been released on the MsMusic Records label. For ardent Beach Boys fans, the collection brings together many familiar names: The Honeys, David Marks, Carnie & Wendy Wilson, Carl B. Wilson, Alan Boyd, (Brian Wilson band member/Wondermint) Probyn Gregory and Adam Marsland’s Chaos Band. As impressive as this list is, the 20-plus recordings gathered together – some with Kalinich taking the lead – are an impressive amalgam of tracks that represent one man’s life perspective full of honest substance wrought from some of life’s most beautiful, and at times, most difficult experiences. Either way, Kalinich’s lyrics are full of inspiration and love.”  – David Beard

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