In this series of short films, the graduates from Lincoln High School discover that their adult lives are still curiously intertwined…”MOST LIKELY” started as a stage play called “SKIRTS & FLIRTS” by GLORIA CALDERON KELLETT This popular monologue show had a sold out run in Los Angeles and a short sold out run in New York.

Our goal is to bring the stage to the screen. Each monologue would act as it’s own “short” but, should we get enough funding, we can shoot all of the monologues and turn this into a webseries to share with the public. We have added new actors and new monologues since the stage show and have an amazing group of talented people involved. Please help us make this happen. Each short costs about $5000 to produce. So, while our fundraising goal is $5000, that will truly only help us shoot the first one. So, you, our kind audience, gets to dictate how many of these we will get to produce. The first one we are shooting is THE CHICK MAGNET played by JOE MANGANIELLO (True Blood, How I Met Your Mother, Spiderman). The more funding we get… the more of these we’ll get to shoot. Please help us.